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A large commercial office space which had been leased for more than 10 years was in a state of dis-repair.

The previous tenant had installed partition systems throughout the entire office unit. This meant that instead of the original large open space, it had been divided into around 12 different offices/rooms.

There was some debris, furniture and left items that had been left behind by the previous tenant.

Why MODA?:

We have a long standing and great working relationship with this client.

This job has a close deadline when we were asked to go and quote & was very time sensitive.

Our client knew that they could rely on us here at MODA to get onto and complete this job within the short time available.

Client Brief:

To turn this office space back to its original space.

MODA Solution Completed:

Due to the many wall partitions installed from floor to ceiling throughout this space, there was extensive damage to both the floor coverings and ceiling tiles etc.

Within these partitions, lots of additional electrics and wires were installed throughout the entire area.

Our first job was to get our electricians in and to convert the electrics back to how it originally was. We then dismantled and removed all of the installed partitions, left over furniture & debris etc, to get it back to one open space.

From there we repaired all the areas of the damaged ceiling, removed the flooring and re-installed new carpet tiles throughout.

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